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Why Choose Smoothtalker?

“” is a North American manufacturer (since 2001) of the most advanced and functional 4G and 5G Cellular Signal Boosters in the market for Vehicles/Trucks/RV's, Homes, Buildings (up to 300k sq ft), M2M/IoT and Marine applications. Our solutions get cellular devices connected in the most remote areas reduces dropped calls, increases data speeds and helps conserve device battery life.

Cellular Signal Boosters sales have been flying over the last few years with so many workers and consumers needing to connect remotely with the best voice and the fastest data. Cellular connectivity issues with all devices is something most consumers and businesses face. We are all competing for the best signal and Smoothtalker cellular signal boosters will provide the best cellular connection possible in the market today.


If you would like our Smoothtalker Cellular Signal Booster Design Team to review your Home or Building and have a chance to win a FREE Home Booster Kit or Building System Design recommendation, please fill in form below.

For Free Booster Recommendation.

Our Team will contact you to finalize the details of your location, home size/design and other variables. We will then reply in 24 hours with our GUARANTEED recommendation that will provide the performance and coverage that you expected.

If we can’t get you connected, NO ONE CAN...

Below are some of the features of our solutions that separate us from the competition:
  • Most powerful in the Industry. More on demand output (TX signal power) to get you connected in more remote areas.
  • Greatest RX or Receive sensitivity to pick up the weakest signal (up to -120db) where other boosters and your phone will not connect.
  • StealthTech proprietary algorithms provide unsurpassed intelligent oscillation, gain & power control to ensure our signal boosters protect the network and always provide maximum connectivity to the cellular device.
  • Easy to install Home and Vehicle solutions.
  • Made in North America.
  • Durable aircraft all aluminum construction.
  • Smoothtalker manufactured the first FCC & IC approved digital mobile booster in North America in 2001.
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Bad Cell Phone Signal?
We Can Help

If you would like our Smoothtalker Cellular Signal Booster Design Team to do aFree Site Review & Signal Booster Recommendationfor your Home or (Building up to 300k sqft), please hit the below link.

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