Mobile BTEU CX4 Series Coupling Connect 4-Band 4G/5G Ready LTE Extreme Power

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The Smoothtalker Mobile CX4 is a 30dB coupling connect amplifier that will amplify 4G, 3G and 2G signals including LTE, WCDMA, CDMA and GSM. The Mobile CX4 is the most powerful 4 band amplifier in its category and features Smoothtalker ‘StealthTech’ technology to keep you connected everywhere. It is housed in rugged cast aluminum housing and comes with corrosion proof antennas.

This amplifier is designed to be used with a holder/cradle that the Mobile device is placed in or a patch antenna that is attached to the back of the Mobile device. The Mobile CX4 can be purchased kitted with various, holders, antennas and power supplies for the ultimate grab-and-go Mobile Network Signal amplifying package.

The Mobile CX4 Ideal for remote locations  up to 50 km from the nearest Mobile Network Antenna Tower.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4.75 × 3 in

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