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Why Choose Smoothtalker?

Smoothtalker is the premier choice for reliable mobile communication solutions. Since 2001, we've been leading the industry with our advanced 3G, 4G, and 5G Cellular Signal Boosters. Whether for Vehicles, Homes, Buildings, M2M/IoT, or Marine applications, our boosters excel at connecting devices in remote areas, improving data speeds, and extending battery life.

As the demand for cellular signal boosters continues to soar, Smoothtalker remains at the forefront.

Our boosters outperform the competition with:
  • Unrivalled Power: Our boosters deliver the highest TX signal power, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote locations.
  • Superior Sensitivity: With the greatest RX sensitivity, our boosters capture weak signals (-120db), surpassing other solutions.
  • Innovative Technology: Our StealthTech algorithms ensure optimal performance while protecting the network.
  • Easy Installation: Our Home and Vehicle solutions are designed for effortless setup.
  • Quality Manufacturing: Proudly made in North America with durable aircraft-grade aluminum construction.
  • Pioneering Legacy: Smoothtalker introduced the first FCC & IC approved digital mobile booster in North America.

Choose Smoothtalker for unmatched reliability and performance in cellular signal boosting

Below are the sectors where we have deployed our solutions for the last 20+ years.
  • Consumer Electronics and Home Improvement Retailer/online
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities & Energy
  • Mining
  • Security System Integrators
  • Public Safety
  • Government
  • Security Integrators
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • M2M/IoT
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Marine
  • Commerical Buildings
  • Homes and Offices
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Our Team will contact you to finalize the details of your location, home size/design and other variables. We will then reply in 24 hours with our GUARANTEED recommendation that will provide the performance and coverage that you or your client(s) expected.

If we can’t get you connected, NO ONE CAN...

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