Types of cell phone signal boosters

There are important things to consider when choosing the right cell phone signal booster including; size of area to cover, distance from the cellular tower, exposure to elements, and more.

It’s important to choose a cell phone booster that provides you with superior connectivity at all times. This is why it’s important to understand the different applications available and match them to your needs.

There are various types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters including; home/office, vehicle (including Trucks, RV’s, Boats), building and, M2M (IoT or Machine to Machine).

In today’s article, we’ll look at these different cell phone boosters and go over the features and benefits of each.

In Home/Office Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Home cell signal boosters are designed to improve indoor signal conditions within spaces ranging from one room to an entire home or small office.

Most home boosters support multiple users and multiple devices simultaneously and across multiple carrier networks.
At Smoothtalker, we offer many types of building boosters depending on the square footage and use.

The Stealth Z series for example, is made for areas which have fair outdoor signal. It’s great for areas with poor indoor signal but good outdoor signal. Ideally designed for home, office, or condos.

The Stealth X series on the other hand is great for larger indoor area coverage requirements. In addition works great in both near cell in the metro locations and far from cell in the rural regions with poor indoor and poor outdoor signal strength. They are ideal for buildings, homes, and offices.

The range for in-home/office cell phone boosters are between 3500 to 12000 square feet but our higher power models can cover up to 20,000sq ft. Different types of antennas will also help achieve coverage layout goals.

We offer a free Cellular Booster Site Review and Booster Kit recommendation for your home or building that you can check out here:

In-Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Vehicle cell signal boosters (or mobile signal boosters) are designed to enhance cell signals within a car, truck, van, RV or Boat. There are a variety of in-vehicle boosters to consider and it will depend greatly on what type of vehicle you have.

Cellular Boosters are designed for all types of vehicles including; RVs, towable trailers, semi-trucks, and fleet.

Most Smoothtalker vehicle boosters support multiple users and devices, while some like our Mobile CX6 products which boost the signal for only one user cell phone.

While most in-vehicle cell signal boosters are designed to fit just about any size vehicle, there are certain models that are available for larger RVs and Motor homes.

In-building Cell Phone Signal Boosters

In-building signal boosters are not the same as in-home/office buildings as they cover a much bigger area and offer more gain and power. Signal from the Cell tower often is not strong enough to get through thick walls and metal rooftops. This is a perfect fit for Smoothtalker extreme power models

Compared to the in-home option which covers a smaller square footage, our in-building boosters can handle up to 20,000 sq ft or more. 
If you need something to accommodate more square feet, there are amplifier kit options to help you get there. If you need to cover an area larger than 20,000 square feet, you can speak with our dedicated Building layout cellular signal specialists who can plan and recommend exact installation method.

M2M Cell Phone Signal Boosters

A M2M (Machine to Machine) signal booster amplifies the cell signal used by any machine to communicate with other machines without requiring human intervention. They’re essential when devices work in locations with weak or spotty cell signals.

The application uses include; ATM (automated teller machines), vending machines, visa machines, and any other application that requires mobile connectivity to transfer wireless data.

We have direct-connect signal booster models which means, the cable from the amplifier directly connects to the cellular modem to track and monitor the cell device containing a SIM card. It helps increase signal reliability and data speeds in poor signal environments, or we offer similar use “coupling connect” booster which uses a “patch coupling antenna” placed very near the modem or other data device.

If you’re looking for a Cellular Booster, the best thing to do is give us a call at 1-877-726-3444 to connect with one of our experts or send an email to [email protected].

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