Shark X6 53dB 6-Band 4G/5G Ready Wireless Extreme Power Marine Booster Kit – B1MCX653T1XPi


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Shark X6 marine boosters are designed with “corrosion resistant” materials which can withstand the wet marine conditions. They help vessels stay connected to terrestrial cellular towers many miles from shore. They will reduce dropped calls, increase battery life and increase data speeds,for voice and data services simultaneously. The X6 booster increases incoming and outgoing signals. The LED console display signal level indicators make installation quick and easy. Features automatic oscillation control,network overload protection to maintain maximum gain automatically at all times.

“X-Series are our most powerful best in class signal boosters for any location where maximum uplink and maximum downlink power is needed. Work in remote locations up to 30 miles (50 km) from the nearest cellular tower”


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4.75 × 3 in
Antenna Mount Type

Pole Mount

Booster Power Supply

12V Fused Install

Building-Outside Antenna

Omni Tube

Cable ft (In)


Cable ft (Out)


Cable Type

1/4" OD 75ohm Quad Shield (RG6)

Connector End

MCT Male

Frequency Bands

Six Band



Inside Antenna


Mobile Outside Antenna

Omni Tube

Radiation Pattern Type In


Radiation Pattern Type Out


All Smoothtalker B1MCX653T1XPi kits include

12V Install Power Supply - DCHC6i


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Mobile X6 Pro 53dB 6-Band 4G/5G Ready Extreme Power Wireless Booster

SKU: BMCX653xaa

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Omni X-Tube Antenna with 20ft cable "F" female Connector - with mounting bracket- SEMCDTX1GL


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7' Patch Antenna Mct Female Conn - SRCP1XL


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Antenna Mount Type: Pole Mount
Booster Power Supply: 12V Fused Install
Building-Outside Antenna: Omni Tube
Cable ft (In): 20
Cable ft (Out): 20
Cable Type: 1/4" OD 75ohm Quad Shield (RG6)
Connector End: MCT Male
Frequency Bands: Six Band
Gain: 53dB
Inside Antenna: Patch
Mobile Outside Antenna: Omni Tube
Radiation Pattern Type In: Directional-180deg
Radiation Pattern Type Out: Omni-360deg


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