Office Dead Zones

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Dead Zones in Your Office

When it comes to your overall business operations, you need to ensure you’re connected at all times. Dead zones inside your office can impact productivity and the way you run your business.

Areas with weak or no signals can result in slow data speeds, dropped calls, and low voice quality.

It’s important to find the right solution to eliminate dead zones in order to maintain a good workflow and uninterrupted communication.

Fortunately, this is where cell phone signal boosters come into play. They are a great solution when it comes to enhancing the strength of your signal. 

In this article, we will give you a quick guide to what dead zones are, and what you can do about them.

What are dead zones?

Dead zones are the areas within your building or office where the cell phone signal is weak or alternatively, no cell service at all. There are many reasons for having a dead zone in your office including; building materials, natural causes, cell tower distance, network capacity, and infrastructure. 

Building Materials

There are certain construction materials like concrete, metal, and low-emissivity glass that can weaken or obstruct signals. The materials inside of your office or building could be blocking your cell phone signal creating a dead zone.

Natural Obstacles

There are natural elements that can cause dead zones including; hills, trees, bodies of water, and more. If your office or building is positioned near any of these barriers, you could be faced with a dead zone.

Cell Tower Proximity

The distance between your office and the closest cell tower could result in a weak signal.
Offices and buildings located particularly in remote areas that are a distance from the towers can experience dead zones. 

Cellular Network Strength

During prime hours, network usage can strain the cell towers resulting in a decrease in the signal strength. 

Infrastructure of the Carrier

Every carrier has its own range of frequencies. The differences in the coverage can impact signal strength and dead zones.

Office and Building Dead Zones

In order to solve the dead zones in your office you must first identify where they are.

You can do this via a signal strength survey. This survey will gather the data from the weak and/or no signal areas.

You can conduct this survey using the Smoothtalker  app which allows you to create a location signal strength map by walking, building, home or office with your mobile device and logging  the strength of the signal through various locations.

Once the survey is complete, it will upload to Smoothtalker team and they will  identify the exact problem areas in your location. Through the information you’ve gathered, Smoothtalker can set up a plan for the installation of your signal booster and solve the dead zone issue.

It’s important to consider where you’re going to put your booster to receive the greatest coverage and benefit.

Understand that the installation process could require you to mount outdoor and indoor antennas and run cables in order to provide the solution to your problem. 

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If you’re looking to improve your cell phone reception, cell phone signal boosters are the key!

How they work is they capture the weak signal from the outside, boost it, and then broadcast the stronger signal inside your building or office.

The result is faster data speed, improved voice quality, and an overall better communication experience.

Some of the benefits to having a signal booster in your office include:
– increased productivity
– uninterrupted communication
– no more dropped calls
– faster internet connections
– improved customer service

It’s important to choose the right signal booster for the job. You want to consider selecting a solution that is compatible with cellular carriers and bands. 

In doing so, you’re ensuring that your employees’ connectivity needs are met no matter who their carrier is.

One of the most popular solutions we carry at Smoothtalker is our X Series 4G and 5G LTE. It provides an excellent coverage area reaching up to 50 miles from the Tower. The X Series reduces dropped calls, increases data transfer rates, and conserves battery life. These Extreme power signal amplifiers are network friendly and both FCC and Industry Canada Approved. They offer the highest TX power and best RX sensitivity in the market.

Installing a Cell Phone Signal Booster in Your Office

It’s important that you choose the right cell phone signal booster for your office and properly install it. Conveniently we offer our Free Booster Recommendation that you can access here.

Installation Tips and Pointers

It’s important to place your indoor and outdoor antennas properly. For the outdoor antenna, you will need to mount it outside on the building or roof. 

Both the indoor and outdoor antennas need to be placed to have enough distance between them to prevent signal interference and oscillation. Smoothtalker signal boosters offer sophisticated high resolution automatic gain and power controls which would prevent oscillation, and display that the unit has “Gained down” which the user then would simply separate the inside and outside antennas farther from each other and recycle the signal booster unit for max gain and power. 

When it comes to installation, it’s vital to follow manufacturer’s instructions to experience the full benefits of your signal booster. 

Add-Ons and Accessories

Additional accessories, such as extra antennas, splitters and more co-axial cables may be required for the best possible performance and coverage.

Again, it’s important to refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations to decide on which recommendations are best suited for your office needs. 

Benefits of Eliminating Dead Zones with Smoothtalker

In 2001, Smoothtalker produced the first digital mobile cellular signal booster in North America with FCC and ICAN approval. We continue to lead with the most powerful and intelligent boosters worldwide.

Our dynamic adaptive proprietary algorithms make them network friendly. We call it “Stealth Tech Technology.” This built in intelligence offers ease of use and best functionality in the cellular booster market today.

Our products support 4 Band, 6 Band, 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G so that your business can experience the best cellular service at all times.

Our products provide improved customer experience, and employee productivity. We offer seamless communication and faster data speeds along with improved safety and security.

Overall, the long-term impact on your business performance from our Cell Phone Boosters and Amplifiers are second to none. 

Give your office a boost Boost with our high level Office and Building Solutions

Are you currently faced with dead zones inside of your office or building? Our products are designed to eliminate dead zones and provide you with seamless communication.

Our clients are impressed by the performance of our products (check out just one of our many testimonials here).

Questions? We’re here to help. You can contact us by phone at +1(877)726-3444 or email us at [email protected] or you can try our My Home Signal Free Analysis Site Review here.


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